Currency exchange for sole traders online marketplace sellers

Currency exchange for sole traders online marketplace sellers

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Expand your business overseas and increase profits as an online sellers or sole trader.

Whether it's your main business or a part-time project, expanding your business to international online marketplaces can increase your reach to an overseas audience. Our currency exchange solutions will enable you to capitalise on the expansion and maximise your profits as a sole trader or online seller.

How to sign up for an online seller account

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Receive payments

Receive payments

Sell on European and US marketplaces and get paid into your new EUR and USD account.

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Send to yourself

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How currency exchange affects online marketplaces

By expanding to online marketplaces across Europe and in the US, you will be able to market goods to a new audience. As a result, you will be accepting revenue from these marketplaces in local currency, be it euros or dollars, which will require you to convert your funds back to pounds after you’ve been paid.

While Amazon and other marketplaces can provide their own currency conversion tools, these typically provide you with a poor exchange rate. In addition, high-street banks as an alternative will often charge a costly transfer fee for each and every overseas payment you make, which can significantly damage your bottom line if you need to make frequent payments between countries.


How we can help you get more for your money on your currency exchange

Fortunately, you can be sure of quick and easy international payments with great exchange rates from a moneycorp online seller account. You won’t have to worry about any transfer fees when you convert your foreign earnings to your multi-currency account, helping to protect your revenue and bring more of your money home.

After signing up for a free online seller account, you will be provided your moneycorp Bank IBAN and US Routing Number, allowing you to receive payment in euros and dollar, respectively, from foreign marketplaces directly into your online seller account.

Sell on the following online marketplaces:

Abebooks Galeries Lafayette
Allegro Groupon SARL Priceminister
eBay (PayPal) Rue Du Commerce
Etsy Zalando
Currency exchange for online marketplace sellers

Currency exchange for online marketplace sellers

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