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Currency converter

Exchange rates

Use the currency converter below to calculate the relevant conversion rate

Interbank rate* {{rate}}

*The conversion rate is based on the interbank rate. This rate is not available to individuals and should only be used as a guide. Find out more.

Market rates

All conversions are based on the interbank rates provided and regularly updated by moneycorp without any allowance for spreads or handling charges which will apply. The results should therefore only be used as a guide. The table is automatically refreshed every five minutes.

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We have a number of solutions that can help you with your foreign exchange needs. Our dedicated account managers can help you either by telephony execution, or you can use our online portal, moneycorp bank online, at your leisure.

Spot contracts
A spot contract allows you to use the current exchange rate for your money transfer. There is no need for a deposit and it is ideal if you need to make a payment quickly, but are looking for the most competitive rate available.

Forward contracts
A forward contract allows you to lock into an exchange rate for a period of up to two years. This means that if exchange rates do move against you, your rate – and therefore property purchase or transfer – remains unaffected.

Market orders
Market orders can help you get the most for your money if you are not restricted by payment deadlines. You let us know what rate you want to trade at, and we book your deal when the market reaches that rate.

Track a rate
Using moneycorp bank online you can enter your desired currency rate and we will notify you when your target has reached your requirements.

To find out more about our foreign exchange or international payments solutions, please contact us.

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